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We have extensive experience in Master Data Management and Data quality. In fact, two of our Directors are members of the ISO working group responsible for the development of ISO 8000, the international data quality standard. We publish news and insights on all things data. Take a look around!

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COVID-19: Numbers have meaning

COVID-19: Numbers have meaning

For those of us involved in data quality, the current flurry of data on deaths from COVID-19 is throwing up some familiar failings. Please take a look at my most recent article, which sets out how the data is being compiled in England and Wales, and how the data reported in the media doesn’t give the whole picture.

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SPIR use case for ISO 18101 - Asset intensive industry interoperability

We are on the verge of a radical realignment of the SPIR process. Peter Eales discusses the ongoing challenges that SPIRs present, and introduces the new digital process that will deliver increased labor productivity and reduced waste.

Knowledge sharing within CFIHOS IOGP - ISO 8000

Industry needs to master its data in order to achieve true efficiency. I have long been an advocate of ISO 8000 industry-standard data and strive for it to become just that – standard! 

Industrie 4.0 and interoperability

Industrie 4.0 is about automation and data exchange for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enabling smart factories and process plants. ISO 8000 and ISO 18101 play a vital role in achieving interoperability

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